Bamboo fly rod tapers and descriptions


What follows is some of the rods built from rod tapers of classic as well as todays makers. Clicking on the number will allow you to view the taper, as measured every five inches from the tip. There are thousands of existing tapers to choose from as well as custom designed tapers. Any type of rod you desire can be built, this is simply a list of the existing tapers being built by todays makers.

#1 - Soft-tipped with a lot of backbone. Red and black-tipped wraps and a teak insert.  A Wayne Cattanach taper.

#2 - Slower action rod with red and black-tipped wraps and a maple burl insert. A Wayne Cattanach taper.

#3 - Swift with an excellent tip and maple insert.  A modified Wayne Cattanach taper.

#4 - Fuller flexing rod and maple insert. A modified Wayne Cattanach taper.

#5 - The classic bamboo "feel." A soft rod with variegated wraps, madrone burl insert and full wells grip. Dipped spar varnish finish.

#6 - Casts a 2, 3 & 4 weight line with ease. Red wraps and a black ash burl insert.

#7 - Crisp dry-fly rod with variegated wraps and walnut insert. A Wayne Cattanach taper.

#8 - A "fast" bamboo rod.   Lays out a line with little effort.  Chinese red wraps, umbuya insert and a full wells grip.  A Wayne Cattanach taper.

#9 - Blonde and nodeless with clear wraps tipped in emerald.  An REC reel seat with Bacote insert.

#10 - A flamed three-piece with variegated wraps and a Rosewood insert.  The perfect pack rod for those small mountain streams. A Wayne Cattanach taper.

#11 - A blonde rod for large streams.  A bit reminiscent of classic rods we all think about.  An excellent casting rod with plenty of backbone.  A Dickerson taper.

#12 - A blond rod for medium to large streams. A slow action and one of the most accurate rods I've ever cast. A Payne taper.

* Many thanks to those who've posted these, and other tapers, in the taper archive on the rodmakers page.


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