Intl CH VC Outlander Git 'R Done, MH

German Shorthaired Pointer

NA 110, UT 204, Invitational 200

NAVHDA #GS-007890, AKC #SR27412501, UKC #R199-110, OFA GSP-12831G24M-PI

5 Generation Pedigree
10 Generation Pedigree
8 Generation Genetic Profile

Cooper is available for stud to approved dams
Frozen semen is also available


Physical Attributes

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 58 lbs

Color: Liver

Coat: Dense Medium

Bite & Teeth: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Hips: OFA Good

DNA Analysis: AKC & NAVHDA

Whelped: June 5, 2005

Died: June 18, 2017

Intl CH VC Outlander Git 'R Done, MH, UT 204 Prize 1, German Shorthaired Pointer



Blackheart Abby Lane

Sharp Shooters Big Nose Kate

All eight puppies in Cooper's litter (Natural Ability breeder's award litter) received a Prize 1 in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with an average score of 111.3 points. Half the litter has prized in the Utility test (three prize 1's and a prize 3) qualifying for a NAVHDA Utility breeder's award. He has four NAVHDA Versatile Champions, five AKC Master Hunters and six NAVHDA Utility Prize 1 dogs in a TWO generation pedigree. Cooper is a proven stud with his first litter earning a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award litter.

Cooper can be described with one word, biddable. He finished his AKC Master Hunter at 23 months passing six of seven legs in three consecutive weekends. As a testament to his cooperation he passed his last leg handled by a friend who had had never seen a Master Hunter test until he stepped into the field as the first brace of the day. Only two of ten dogs entered that day passed. Cooper earned maximum scores in both the NAVHDA Utility test and Invitational at a young age. Simply put, Cooper is a consistent performer.

Even though Cooper missed his first hunting season with a broken toe you'd never know it based on his second year. He hunted blue grouse, sage grouse, both prairie and colombian (mountain) sharptail grouse, both lesser and greater prairie chickens, scaled quail, bobwhite quail, pheasants and ducks. Cooper was as talented a bird finder in his second year as the six year old experienced dogs.

The 2007/2008 hunting season was fantastic. Not only were the bird numbers the best we've ever seen we had 43 days in the field. In six states, we took 29 ducks, 43 pheasants, 88 scaled quail, five bobwhites, two sage grouse, two mountain (columbian) sharptail grouse, a prairie sharptail and a lesser prairie chicken. Cooper alone accounted for over 80% of those finds and retrieves. Sage grouse hunting had Cooper at 300 yards holding point on 40 grouse. He even spent a few 20 degree January days in a Colorado duck blind retrieving ducks from an icy river. Cooper has proven himself to be quite adept at handling running scaled quail, too.

The 2008/2009 season had fewer bird numbers than previous years but enough to keep things interesting. In five states, we hunted mountain and prairie sharptails, scaled and bobwhite quail, pheasants, huns, ducks and geese. On the last day of quail season in Oklahoma we produced five coveys and I managed to shoot a double on two covey rises that Cooper handled perfectly. This is no small feat for late season public land quail. Cooper brought six sharptail grouse to bag in North Dakota on one walk and had a blast on his first goose hunt retrieving eight geese (two were 12 pounds!).

Cooper is an affectionate, personable (entertaining and comical) house dog with a calm demeanor and is great around children and other animals. He is a snappy, stylish dog in the field with a medium range.


Natural Ability

Rocky Mountain - 05/20/2006

Age - 11 months

Coat: Dense Medium

Nose - 4

Search - 4

Water - 4

Pointing - 4

Tracking - 3

Desire - 4

Cooperation - 4

Total - 110 Points, Prize 1

Cooper, a German Shorthair, at 22 months



Rocky Mountain - 08/26/06

Age - 2 years 2 months

Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

Search for Duck - 4

Walking at Heel - 4

Remain by Blind - 4

Steadiness by Blind - 4

Retrieve of Duck - 4

Search - 4

Pointing - 4

Steadiness - 4

Retrieve of Shot Bird - 4

Retrieve by Drag - 4

Steady at Blind - 4

Nose - 4

Desire to Work- 4

Stamina- 4

Cooperation - 4

Obedience - 4

Total - 204 Points, Prize 1

Intl CH VC Outlander Git 'R Done, MH, Natural Ability Prize 1, Utility Prize 1



Minnesota - August 30, 2008

Age - 3 years 2 months

Search - 4

Backing - 4

Pointing - 4

Steadiness - 4

Retrieve of Shot Bird - 4

Heeling - 4

Steady at Blind - 4

Mark/Search/Duck/Retrive - 4

Honoring - 4

Blind Retrieve - 4

Nose - 4

Desire to Work- 4

Cooperation - 4

Obedience - 4

Total - 200 Points, pass

2008 NAVHDA Invitational


A limit: one mallard drake, one bluewing teal, two greenwing teal, a wigeon and a pintail hen, October '08


Jump shoot on a small pond in Kansas, November 2011


A triple over point, Kansas, November 2011


Teal retrieves with Jenna, Coop's half sister, September '06


Cooper's half sister in the duck blind


Three pheasants, two sharptails and two huns in North Dakota, 2008


Two limits of sharptails from one walk in North Dakota, 2008


New Mexico sticky stuff

2008 Shackled Duck