VC Sharp Shooters Big Nose Kate

German Shorthaired Pointer

NA Prize 1, UT Prize 1, Invitational - Pass

NAVHDA #GS-011766, AKC #SR60691904

5 Generation Pedigree
10 Generation Pedigree
8 Generation Genetic Profile

First Litter


Physical Attributes

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 50 lbs

Color: Liver & White Ticked

Coat: Medium Medium

Bite & Teeth: Normal

Eyes: Normal

PennHIP: LH .27 RH .27

Whelped: January 21, 2010

Sharp Shooter's Big Nose Kate at 23 weeks



Intl CH VC Outlander Git 'R Done, MH

Blackheart Abby Lane

Kate comes from a VC breeder's award litter. Her sire is a NAVHDA Versatile Champion and has AKC field trial points as well wins in the show ring. Her dam, LeeLoo, was trained and handled in two NAVHDA Utility tests and the 2009 Invitational by Sydney Lieffort, then only 14 years old. LeeLoo earned a maximum 204 points prize 1 in both Utility tests.

At 16 weeks old Kate is a determined little dog. She's a natural retriever picking up everything in her path and carrying it around. In one weekend she was introduced to birds, horses and water. She was pointing her birds with style and leaping with reckless abandon in the water.

Kate is showing tremendous water desire at 17 weeks old. She was the "pickup dog" at the Rocky Mountain NAVHDA Natural Ability test picking up bumpers from the water that the dogs did not retrieve. She enters water independently and searches once even swimming a third of the way across 150 yards of open water.

At 19 weeks, Kate has been racing me in a kayak across 70 yards of open water and searching cattails for ducks. She spent 12 minutes chasing a diving duck with an older dog. Once the older dog caught the duck she promptly took it from her and continued to swim back across the lake with it. She has amazing independence and curiosity.

At nine months old, Kate has had three sage grouse, five South Dakota pheasants and 39 ducks shot over her. She's a great little bird finder with lots of independence, style and cooperation.

Kate passed the Invitational at 3 years 7 months with a great showing. A week later had her hunting sage grouse in Wyoming. Coming over a hill and finding her on point with a dozen sage grouse walking in front of her was a sight to behold. Her style and intensity is amazing.


Natural Ability

Heartland- 08/13/2010

Age - 6.8 months

Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

Nose - 4

Search - 4

Water - 4

Pointing - 4

Tracking - 3

Desire - 4

Cooperation - 4

Total - 110 Points, Prize 1

Kate, a German Shorthair



St. Croix - 08/17/12

Age - 2 years 7 months

Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

Search for Duck - 4

Walking at Heel - 4

Remain by Blind - 4

Steadiness by Blind - 4

Retrieve of Duck - 4

Search - 4

Pointing - 4

Steadiness - 3

Retrieve of Shot Bird - 4

Retrieve by Drag - 4

Steady at Blind - 4

Nose - 4

Desire to Work- 4

Stamina- 4

Cooperation - 3

Obedience - 3

Total - 195 Points, Prize 1

2011 Teal


Buckeye - 09/12/2013

Age - 3 years 7 months

Search - 4

Backing - 4

Pointing - 4

Steadiness - 3

Retrieve of Shot Bird - 4

Heeling - 4

Steady at Double Mark - 4

Double Mark Retrieve - 4

Honor at Blind - 4

Blind Retrieve - 3

Nose - 4

Desire to Work- 4

Cooperation - 3

Obedience - 3

Total - 189 Points, pass

Invitational Blind Retrieve

Kate's first pointed covey. Three on the rise!

Kate in Oregon

17 weeks on point

Point at 23 weeks