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My first bird dog and the stretch of the Colorado River where she got her name.

                             Parshal, a Vizsla or Yellow Hungarian Pointer                   Colorado River near Parshall

Parshal was killed at 4 1/2 years old.

A few more pictures of Parshal:

Ladies always cross their paws!

Relaxing in bed, - Check out the world's oldest pointing breed.

This is our Pudelpointer, Maddie.

Maddie's webpage

We also have a German Shorthair Pointer named Cooper (VC Outlander Git 'R Done, MH) pictured on the last morning of the Kansas 06/07 season.

Cooper's webpage

Here's a few dog links: The Pudelpointer Club of America, The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Versatile Dogs, Quail Unlimited, Pheasants Forever

Two typical North Georgia waterfalls and their brook trout.

North Georgia Waterfall                  North Georgia Waterfall                  An October North Georgia Brook Trout

A brook trout and an average rainbow at Blackhawk, on the Soque River.   Yes, these fish really were caught in North Georgia!

                A big brook trout from the Soque River at Blackhawk in N. GA.                              A big rainbow from the Soque River at Blackhawk in N. GA.

Call The Fish Hawk for more information about Blackhawk.

A large Mackinaw (Lake Trout) from Lake Chelan

A mayfly from a large nightly hatch at Lake Chelan

Fishing the Jordan in Michigan

A sixteen-inch brown caught on the Manistee during the hex hatch

Picture of the Colorado high country:

Near The Wild Irishman ghost town

Old mine and a second view

A high mountain lake

View from 12,000 feet

A building at over 12,000 feet


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