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Rodmakers - The Bamboo Rodmaker's page.  See the taper archive and visit other rodmaker's websites. Join the listserve and learn more than you've ever wanted to know about building bamboo rods. Search - Use this page to search the Rodmaker archives. You'll find answers to most everything regarding bamboo fly rods.

The Bamboo Fly Rod Library- A site devoted to bamboo fly rod related material.

Broad River Bamboo Flyrods - Atlanta rodbuilder Doug Hall, an excellent craftsman.

J.E. Arguello Rod Company - Joe's rods are unrivaled. - An online resource magazine for rodmakers. - Check out the Tips section!

Bamboo Flyrods - Informative site with a good pictorial overview of the rodbuilding process. Good information on the classic american rodmakers, too.

Frank Neunemann - An excellent site.

Bamboo Bill Rods - Another Colorado maker.

Rodmaking Tools - Pictures of my shop and tools.

Oven - oven used to heat treat bamboo before it's used in a rod.

Binder - Garrison style binder used to bind freshly glued strips.

Lathe - Craftsman lathe used to make ferrules, reel seats, etc.

Shop - A picture of my shop (in its usual state of mess) in Parker, CO.

Bamboo - My supply of Tonkin Bamboo.

Wood Blanks - A few blanks for turning wood reel seat inserts. Rosewood Burl, Bloodwood, Curly Maple, Maple Burl and Walnut.

Roughing Beveller - A roughing beveller made by Joe Arguello.


Highland Hardware - A hardware store specializing in precision woodworking tools. They also carry powdered carnauba wax, which, when mixed with lemon oil, is perfect for waxing bamboo rods.

Angler's Workshop - Good source for ferrules and thread.

Rick's Rods - A lot for the bamboo restorer. Check out the blanks.

Golden Witch Rods - A maker of beautiful custom graphite fly rods and now bamboo rods. Also has a lot of supplies for the rod builder. Also a restorer of classic bamboo rods.

Other Sites

The Fish Hawk - One of the largest retail flyfishing stores in the country.

James Acord Leather - Spectacular leather work. He will build custom rod tubes, too. Check out his reel cases.

USA Flycasters - Kent Higgins will repair, restore and evaluate your vintage bamboo rod.

Rocky Mountain Streamflows - Find the current flow of your favorite rocky mountain river.

North Georgia Trout - A site for the Georgia trout fisherman.

Trout Unlimited - Help protect our coldwater fisheries.

Federation of Fly Fishers - The Federation of Flyfishers website.


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