Protect your bamboo fly rod


A bamboo rod is not fragile, as it would appear. In fact, bamboo is a much stronger material than graphite, which is brittle and will shatter quite easily. Follow these guidelines to protect your bamboo fly rod and it will last a lifetime.

  1. Never put a bamboo rod away while it's still wet. If it must be put in a tube to take home after fishing, be sure to remove any water droplets before putting it in the tube. After arriving home, lay it out (in a safe place) to thoroughly dry before storing it.
  2. Never leave a bamboo rod leaning for long periods of time against anything, such as a wall or tree. This could introduce a 'set'.
  3. Never leave your rod in a hot car. The inside of a car can get over 250 degrees, which can destroy the glue holding the bamboo strips together.
  4. Always align the rod sections before pushing them together and never twist the sections after the rod is joined. This will damage the glue over time and may even break the rod section.
  5. If you must use lubricant on the ferrules, be sure to thoroughly clean them with a soft, dry cloth after use. Lubricants will collect dirt and grime, which will corrode and damage the ferrules. Even the oil from the side of your nose can, over time, corrode nickel silver!
  6. If the ferrules become stuck or hard to pull apart, try putting the rod behind your legs with your hands on either side of the ferrules. With your arms on the sides of your knees, spread your legs apart to separate the sections in one steady motion. Also, try using a partner, but each person should put their hands on the opposite section and push the rod apart, instead of pulling. A lubricant may also be put around the joined ferrules, which can loosen the ferrules after penetration. Saliva makes a decent lubricant, but be sure to clean the ferrules.
  7. Each cork handle is treated to reduce dirt buildup. If, over time, dirt does build up, use a soft toothbrush with mild soap to clean the cork. Fine grit sandpaper will remove the treatment.
  8. A mixture of lemon oil (not lemon juice) and carnauba wax (bees wax also works well) makes a good polish for varnish and tung oil finishes. Mix them in a canister and heat in a microwave, stirring thoroughly to mix. Let stand and cool before using. Use a soft, cotton flannel cloth to spread the mixture and polish the rod.
  9. If a fly gets hung in an overhanging branch or snag in a stream, never tug on the rod. Point the rod straight at the hook or, better yet, hold the line outside of the tip of the rod and pull straight back.
  10. Beware of both household and car doors.

* More rods are broken as a result of the last two than all others combined.


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